What have I done?

Robert Vendetta next single «Fool» is a truly poignant song about choosing a card of gold over one’s friends.

This ballad is inspired by Ariana Grande and Laleh, with some Leonard Cohen and Elton John in the mix. An attempt at a perfect blend that makes it retro pop.

It out 21st of november! Listen to it here!

Here and Now

Stop focusing on the past and the future and breathe

Robert's second single this year is a ballad. It was inspired by some words from a wise friend; stop living in the future, live now! And be proud of what you have acheived so far!

The single is out now and you'll find all ways to  Listen to it here.

Said about "Here and Now"


"With its heartfelt lyrics, soulful vocal delivery, and the fusion of piano and keys, "Here and Now" stands as a captivating ode to the beauty of embracing life's current chapter."

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"Through a blend of elegant instrumentation and thoughful lyricism, Vendetta crafts a musical sanctuary where listeners can pause and reflect on life’s fleeting moments. In this profound offering, he continues to carve a distinctive niche in the musical landscape."

Plastic Magazine



"It is a compelling single complete with emotive vocal performances, intelligent chordal progressions and warm, inviting production. Robert Vendetta is an artist who gets better with each new release."



Take some time off!

Imagine you've been working way too much and...

Suddenly your boss tells you to take some time off and have a vacataion! Where would you go?

Robert Vendetta's first single from his upcoming album tries to answer this naming all the places he loves - places he's been or wants to go to. All wrapped up in that retropop sound we all know. 

The single is out right now!

Said about "Vacation"

Infectious track!

Vacation" is an infectious track, that stays in your brain just as soon as you hear it for the first time."

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So catchy!

"The melody is so catchy that the first time you hear it you can whistle over it right away. Robert Vendetta’s music is always a breath of fresh air and prepares us for summer."

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Demands attention!

"From the very first shout of “Let’s Go!” that kicks off the track, it’s clear that “Vacation” is a lively and energetic anthem that demands attention.

Plastic Magazine


Out now!

Robert Vendetta's third album "All By His Handsome Self" came out in 2021.

It started all so well, but suddenly she was gone. And her "ghosting" left a darkness filled with questions. Robert Vendetta has created a musical universe for this story. It deals with everything from a flight to Cancun to a crash landing in the land of hopelessness.

Listen to the album here.


Nova Music Blog just released a full article about Robert, with an interview. 

The next idol - Robert Vendetta, rocketing artist from Norway that could be easily described as some sort of a "Phenomenon..."

That's how the article starts. It's filled with reviews of his singles, an interview and more!

Check it out here!

Music videos

"Here and Now"

Released this september; in this music video Robert Vendetta is looking back at all he has achived, to get to this day.

"Colombian Spice"

Check out the music video and the first single from his upcoming album "All By His Handsome Self" due september 2021.


The video for the first single in 2023 shows Robert and his band having fun and looking for the perfect vaction spot!


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