Take some time off!

Imagine you've been working way too much and...

Suddenly your boss tells you to take some time off and have a vacataion! Where would you go?

Robert Vendetta's first single from his upcoming album tries to answer this naming all the places he loves - places he's been or wants to go to. All wrapped up in that retropop sound we all know. 

The single is out right now!

Out now!

Robert Vendetta's third album "All By His Handsome Self" is out!

It started all so well, but suddenly she was gone. And her "ghosting" left a darkness filled with questions. Robert Vendetta has created a musical universe for this story. It deals with everything from a flight to Cancun to a crash landing in the land of hopelessness.

Listen to the album here.


Nova Music Blog just released a full article about Robert, with an interview. 

The next idol - Robert Vendetta, rocketing artist from Norway that could be easily described as some sort of a "Phenomenon..."

That's how the article starts. It's filled with reviews of his singles, an interview and more!

Check it out here!

Music videos

"Colombian Spice"

Check out the music video and the first single from his upcoming album "All By His Handsome Self" due september 2021.

"Without You"

Based on the movie "Sin City" this video and song tells the story of being for a friend who's lost in despair.

"All By My Handsome Self"

The video for 2021's fourth single

showcases Robert Vendetta's abilities
as a visual storyteller, meeting himself at home in a lockdown.


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You got married? I thought we had something going on...

"I thought it was the two of us, but then you suddenly married to someone else!" In the overture to Robert Vendetta's upcoming album we learn that he has been played with and is yet again "all by his handsome self." Still, though, he wishes the new couple all the best. A tragic story to a very singable and danceable retropop-tune!

Wanna have a listen? Click here!

Said about "All By My Handsome Self"

Solid song!

"This is a solid song overall, love the catchy vibe. The production is well managed, the chord progression sounds amazing, love it. This is clean and warm mixing wise."



Beautiful performance!

"Cool pop rock composition, i liked the charismatic vocal, beautiful performance and overall pleasant vibes of the song!"



Great melody!

"You have a great melody here. I think the song is beautifully produced!"



Out Now!

When the sun is gone you can see the stars shining

This energetic song, Robert Vendetta's first cover, is about being the ray of light that helps someone see through the dark. In the darkness, it is not always easy to accept a friend reaching out his hand. Sometimes all that friend can do is just to be there.

The single comes with the b-side "Quiero Quedarme Contigo" - a truly romantic song written for a wedding, in spanish!

Said about "Without You"


"Without You" is a very well-produced, melodically enjoyable slice of brisk pop.

Obscure Sound


Immediate charm!

 "Without You" is really excellent. Its retro side gives it an immediate charm. And yet it doesn't sound "old."

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Why won't she pick up the phone? 

On his next release, Robert Vendetta is ready for the bad news he needs so he can move on - accompanied by a hundred year old, rusty piano in an empty room. An optimistic resignation.

Robert Vendetta describes the song this way: "Sometimes less is more, especially when you make a song about a void in the heart created by many unanswered questions."

Said about "If It's Over"


"This is a very nice emotional track. We loved the melody in this, great lyrics! I can see that Robert has put all his heart into it."

Sinusoidal Music



"This is a really atmospheric, nostalgic piano driven piece. I liked the appealing lyrics here and the composition."



Robert Vendetta explains the vision of the song like this: Imagine James Brown inviting David Bowie and Little Richard to a musical party honoring the magical lady who had made the most beautiful entrance ever.

Said about "Colombian Spice"

Vibrant and vivacious!

"While he may hail from Norway – a country I imagine filled with sleet and snow – Robert Vendetta is anything but."

Nexus music blog


A hot fire-cracker!

"Vendetta throws it back to old-school funk and entices listeners to the dancefloor, in the same way that James Brown gets everybody up and partying."